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OnPoint Facts is rooted in providing historical perspective on a wide array of topics.

The United States is a young nation in the world. Despite this fact, historical events that have challenged the general populace to solve critical societal problems of their time have been misconstrued, misrepresented in our education, or forgotten/omitted entirely from general understanding and awareness. Each new generation pushes our society further into unknown directions. Appropriate historical knowledge, understanding, and reflection on past political, societal, and economic challenges help our readers apply historical context to new challenges that we face as a society. OnPoint Facts is dedicated to providing this insight and connecting historical implications to a wide array of topics, including voting, politics, healthcare, immigration, international relations, environmental policy, social justice, and more.


Our goal at OnPoint Facts

The main goal for all of us at OnPoint Facts is to encourage people to think critically and be politically active. We cover a wide variety of topics, all of which affect our lives every day. Many are issues that society has been attempting to resolve for decades and will have to continue to consider for decades to come. We recognize the polarizing nature of many of the topics we cover, but On Point Facts values positive action and beneficial community change for all. Substantive societal changes do not happen overnight, but we can reinforce truth and open minds through the delivery and promotion of accurate, valuable, and impactful information.


“If given the truth, they (the people) can be depended upon to meet any national crisis. The great point is to bring them the real facts.” – Abraham Lincoln

Let’s leave behind the belief that religion and politics are unfit topics for discussion at the dinner table, and that most national policy is too complicated for individuals and must be left to government’s experts. Let’s encourage civil discourse and the “diffusion of knowledge among the people” which is so essential to democracy.

Let’s embrace the opportunity to talk to those with whom we disagree, learn why we have differences and see how much we have in common. Let’s discover to what degree an honest, open, widespread, and robust dialogue can contribute to solving our most important problems.


Our Mission

To deliver accurate information about issues important to people, democracy, and the environment.

Our Vision

To be a leader in fostering public understanding of societal issues and stimulate action and broad community engagement for positive change.

Our Values

  • Equity & justice-social, education, environmental
  • Positive action for positive community change for all
  • Life-long learning for positive community engagement
  • Collaboration & partnerships
  • Creating meaningful connections
  • Respect for self and others
  • Democracy & civics knowledge
Our Vote. Our Future.

Our Vote. Our Future.

Our Vote. Our Future.Our Country is in Chaos. We Must Unite this Great Nation. American workers have been the backbone of this country. They have sacrificed for this country. They built this country and have even died for this country. Too often their role has been...

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Does My Lone Vote Matter? Yes, ONE vote has changed history!

Does My Lone Vote Matter? Yes, ONE vote has changed history!

Does My Lone Vote Matter? Yes, ONE vote has changed history! One of the most common reasons people give for not voting in elections is that they feel their lone vote doesn’t make a difference. History, however, shows otherwise—especially when it comes to presidential...

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Coronavirus, Climate Change, and the Environment

Coronavirus, Climate Change, and the Environment

Coronavirus, Climate Change, and the Environment While there is no direct evidence that climate change is influencing the spread of COVID-19, we do know that climate change alters how we relate to other species on the planet and that does affect our health and...

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Does President of the United States Have Too Much Power?

Does President of the United States Have Too Much Power?

Does President of the United States Have Too Much Power? Questions about whether the US president has too much power have been raised regularly since America’s very first days. Are you concerned that President Trump may have gone too far in overstepping his boundaries...

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